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ATI Radeon XD 2400 XT

UPDATE thanks to Hendrik: Acer has released a new driver pack, which should work for XP. I got a laptop Acer Travelmate 6592 with ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT. After a few whiles of using Vista I decided to go … Continue reading

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A php function to return random values

I was looking for a method in php that would return unequal numbers using the rand() function. I found an answer on and all credit goes to alishahnovin at hotmail dot com. The method is as follows: function randiff($min, … Continue reading

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I have just watched a movie called Stardust and I am greatly impressed by it. An unknown actor to me – Charlie Cox shows some great acting skills and makes a firm leading role. Movie was entertaining, full of wit, … Continue reading

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localhost.customs or localhost:1001

Well, just recently I discovered an error in my Apache2 log file saying: – – [17/Sep/2007:20:10:32 +0200] “GET /” 400 466 Well, that is a SSL log, so I am working to figure out what it really is… Ok, … Continue reading

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Using wget to download all *.rar over ftp

Today I read a news about releasing a Polish version of Wikipedia on a DVD and providing a download possibility as well. Having a 8Mb line I decided to get it. Handy came a wget command: wget -c “*.rar” … Continue reading

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Using sed to change strings in multiple files

Ok, one more tip for today, which makes it very simple to change text within multiple files. Say for example that you want to change Bush to Kerry in 50+ files ending with “html”. OK, now you could edit them, … Continue reading

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Unzip, untar, unpack all archives

Once I came to a point of having downloaded 20+ tar.gz files and facing a need of finding an efficient way to extract them. If you are having such a problem then this simple solution will help: for F in … Continue reading

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How to use the gallery

New gallery is very powerful and features some dynamic content. I am sure you will be able to use it in the most efficient way. Here are some tips: Click on in order to show the sidebar. After the sidebar … Continue reading

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Website updated

Hello to everyone! I finally managed to update my website a bit so it satisfies my needs better. I have configured a WordPress blogging application with custom plugins. Website features a brand new gallery, commenting possibilities and much more. ENJOY … Continue reading

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